Our Mission

We work to alleviate issues of water shortage and lack of access to potable water in rural parts of Eritrea, by establishing  sustainable source of clean drinking water in these communities.   



Referencing extensive studies and wealth of data collected by the Ministry of Land Water and Environment in Eritrea on regions that are in dire water problems, we aid these regions that require the most help.

Phase Three Coming Soon

Phase Three Coming Soon


In 2016 we completed our first Hand Pump well for the village of Sheka Wedi Bisrat, raising $25,000.

In June of 2019 Tsion Syoum completed phase two of her project. Phase two was to construct a pumpline from an existing hand pump well directly to the elementary school of Sheka Wedi Bisrat. She has raised $20,000 for this project. Water now is more accessible for these 1,000 students attending The Elementary School of Sheka Wedi Bisrat. 

Where We Are Located

Shortage of clean water and lack of access to drinking water is one of the major problems in Eritrea.


Located in the dry and arid Horn of Africa, Eritrea receives an average annual rainfall that hovers around 19.68 inches.



Phase 3

September 2019

"It was all a wish"

Tsion Syoum on about how the Retaw Project started