• Tsion Syoum

How I Did It

With the mentality that every journey starts with a single step, I have set up a Gofundme account and raised the fund for my project from family members, friends, acquaintances and other contributors. It all started with a wish. A wish to contribute my share of help in combating the shortage of supply of drinking water, after an encounter I had during one of my visits to Eritrea. The encounter I had with a number of children begging me for the smart water bottle I had with me upon stopping the car on the road for a break was a life-changing experience. Hence, the birth of the Retaw Project. The next step was opening a conversation with the Ministry of Land, Water and Resources in Eritrea. The ministry provided me with a number of project sites where I could set up the water project. The Geza’ gobo site was a winner for me because of the Sheka Wedi Bisrat Elementary School. After a year and many more dialogues, emails, and research on my part, the project was completed.

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